Sharp praised Ganacho: He will become more and more mature, and he will have a bright future at Manchester United

January 27 News Manchester United old player Lee Sharp talked about Ganacho in an interview a few days ago.
It is believed that Ghanacho will have a bright future in the Red Devils.

Sharpe said: “To get into the first team, young players need to perform well in the youth team. Obviously Ganacho has done it. He is exciting. He plays directly, has confidence, scores some goals,
Huge potential. There are reports that the coaches don’t like his attitude, but on the pitch his attitude is okay.”

“He worked hard, got the trust of his teammates, did what the coaches and the fans wanted him to do. He ignited the fans, got the fans off their seats, he could make things difficult for defenders, you can’t ask for that.
He’s done more.”

“Sometimes you can believe in yourself too much, and I may have experienced that too, but we have a manager who brings players back to reality, and of course teammates. The teams I’ve played for, they’ve all been very humble, hardworking and honest.”

“In the dressing room you don’t become big stars, that’s because of age and education. I think he’s going to mature and hopefully Manchester United can keep him and stay at the club for many years. That’s what the fans like
, to see players come out of their own academy and come out on top. He looks like a good player.”