Shearer and others praise Messi: he is magical and sometimes makes the best players ridiculously mediocre

December 14 World Cup semi-finals, Argentina 3-0 victory over Croatia to advance to the final, Messi played well in this game, passing and meritorious service.
English legend Alan Shearer talked about Lionel Messi while watching the game and said: “will this end the debate about Lionel Messi and Maradona?” We have said that if Messi wins the World Cup in Qatar, he may be the best, that is the difference, this has always been a point of disagreement. Maradona won the World Cup and if Lionel Messi wins the World Cup in Qatar, my view will change.
Argentina made it to the final because of Messi, everyone is watching him, he is not as strong as he used to be, nor is he as agile as he used to be. But he still has the magic, the ability to dodge, turn around, break through with the ball and easily pass the defender. He sometimes makes the best players look ridiculously mediocre. ”
Former England goalkeeper Robert Green said: “if you ask Messi if he wants to be the best in the world, or if he wants that title, he definitely wants to win on Sunday.” He will now lose your hand in order to win the World Cup, he has paid a lot for football. ”
Lionel Messi’s former national team teammate Lionel Zabaleta said: “Messi is incredible and that turning around makes him very agile in those spaces.” You don’t want to touch him when he’s in the restricted area. The pass to Alvarez was a great assist and it was an incredible goal. Every time Messi gets the ball, it seems that something is going to happen again. ”