Shuichi Kwon: Messi’s talent is unbelievable, he shows strong psychological quality when taking penalty points.

December 14-in the World Cup semi-final that ended early this morning, Argentina beat Croatia 3-0. Lionel Messi made a contribution in this game.
Today, Japanese guru Tian Xiuichi participated in the morning show on Fuji TV in Japan, in which he praised Messi’s performance: “Messi is really good, he shows incredible talent on the court.”
“in the previous game against Poland, Messi’s penalty was saved by Szczesny. At that time, the angle of his penalty was almost the same as when he broke through Livakovic’s goal tonight, but tonight his penalty was more powerful than before. the ball is so fast that it is difficult for the goalkeeper to save. To be honest, I think this penalty point shows his strong psychological quality, and I really admire it. ”