Simeone: Ancelotti and I can’t talk about a strong relationship, but I admire him very much

01, 26 News January 27 at four o’clock in the morning
In the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey, Atletico Madrid challenged Real Madrid as a guest at the Bernabéu Stadium.
Atletico Madrid coach Simeone attended the press conference before the game.

If the team can beat Real Madrid at the Bernabeu, does it mean that they will go more firmly and know that they can wrestle with Real Madrid:

I think there will be different ideas and guesses before the game, but the most real thing is football itself, the game itself, and how we and our opponents train.
On this basis, everything will be resolved.

How do you see the game tomorrow?
Where is the key point:

I have always said that the team is in good shape after the World Cup and can create more offensives. Obviously, this group is very good now, very dedicated, very enthusiastic, and very motivated.
This game is important, a knockout game, against a strong opponent, with a coach I have great respect for, but also has everything that the name Real Madrid itself means on the pitch.

Tomorrow’s game is more important to both sides:

I think it’s a knockout game, everyone is the same.
The score at the end of the game will determine who is eliminated.
Obviously the side that was eliminated must not feel well.

There are many controversies surrounding Vinicius. Carlo Ancelotti called on everyone to protect him before the game. Do you have any idea to make a special arrangement for Vinicius:

Our focus is on the entire Real Madrid team. They have many scoring methods, and we naturally try to find a way to adjust the game in a direction that can hit them.

Now Call for the protection of Vinicius, but it was Griezmann who was violated and injured in the Derby last season. Are you dissatisfied with this:


In many derbies over the past few years, you will always point out some key players of Real Madrid, such as Iker Casillas, Modric, and Casemiro, even before the Milan final.
Key players in Real Madrid’s squad to be singled out:

They have very important players. If one player is singled out, to be honest, it will always feel that it is not enough.
What I understand is that the opponent is a very competitive team, and every time they make up their minds, they can do very well.
Our side has to show strength, show fighting spirit, show vision, and play hard.

In the face of this kind of battle, are you more worried about your team’s performance or the opponent’s performance:

My concern is that we play the games we prepare for.
In 90 minutes of football, anything is possible.

A penalty shootout is possible tomorrow.
How did you prepare with the players for penalties?
Have you decided who will play?
You mentioned before that it is meaningless to practice penalty kicks in advance, because the pressure of training and competition is different, so have you practiced this time?

No, I feel that any answer I have to this question, no matter what happens after the game, can be used again, many times.
In the case of a penalty shootout, the players have experienced many battles, and it is their character that has the greatest influence.

When Real Madrid commented on the relationship between the two clubs in response to the ticket issue, they used the word “extremely good”. Can it also be said that the relationship between you and Ancelotti is also “extremely good”:

I think sometimes the word “extremely good” is a bit too much in the title.
I can only say that the relationship between me and him is only between colleagues, because I don’t have more opportunities to communicate with him, although I really want to chat with him, because he is very smart, capable and very talented.
People who love to learn.
I have a good relationship with him and he is a very nice guy in my opinion.

You always say “lead the game to a direction where you can hit the opponent”, so for this game, what do you think you can lead the game to:

If I say it now, they will know (laughs).