Since Benfica is a listed company and needs to pay taxes, the total cost of Chelsea’s purchase of Enzo may be 160 million

January 25th News from Argentina Tyc Sport’s famous reporter César Luis Merlo on Enzo Fernandez
Certain updates and inferences have been made to the transaction details.

He said that if Chelsea really want to trigger Enzo Fernandez’s release clause of 120 million euros, the real pull has only just begun.

Since Benfica Football Club and Benfica SAD Holding Company are two different entities, the latter is a listed company in Portugal, every transaction of Benfica must be publicly announced, which is why there are two “official announcements” at the club and the Securities Regulatory Commission level.

Since the tax rate in the Lisbon area is 23-25%, in fact, Benfica not only has to pay River Plate a 20% second share in this transaction, but also needs to pay the tax on the profit.

In Enzo’s transaction, if the termination fee is triggered, then Benfica’s profit will be about 100 million euros, and the tax they need to pay is 40 million euros.

Usually Benfica will negotiate this part of the situation with the potential next home, and if they ask Chelsea to pay in full (considering that the relationship between the two parties has indeed been damaged this time), then the cost of this deal for Chelsea is as high as 160 million euros

For Benfica, they need to pay a 25% tax rate and a 20% share, so the actual “black shop profit” is really not high.