Some people in the DFB think that the German team went to Qatar for vacation, and the players also have criticisms

December 08 News German media Bild editor-in-chief Christian Falk led a team of reporters to decipher some of the secret talks of the DFB last night

Flick looked very confident before this crisis meeting last night, because he and his coaching team completed all the analysis on the second day of each group match.

One point that Frick emphasized is that the German team has created enough opportunities, and these opportunities are enough for them to complete the group qualifying.
In their three group games against Japan, Spain and Costa Rica, Germany took 67 shots, more than any other team in the group stage.

However, Flick’s refusal to opt for the more private Qatari base and the issue of family members spending the night at the team hotel after games against Japan and Spain loomed large, with some within the DFB concerned about his decision.
Not too happy with the decision.

Bild can reveal: When visiting the hotel where the team stayed, the employees of the German Football Association were surprised by the scene of the entire resort in front of them.
The phrase “a deep holiday feeling” is widely circulated.
While the players’ wives are busy taking selfies in the pool, their husbands are playing with their children, and not all players like the atmosphere, which is quite critical.

In addition, Bild can reveal that the most popular candidate for the director of the German Football Association is Bobic, the director of Hertha Berlin, and he himself does not rule out working in the Football Association.