South Korean media: former South Korean Olympic coach Kim Bong-ji coached Yanbian Longding, aiming to enter the Super League in three years.

On December 20, according to the exclusive revelation of Sports North Korea, Yanbian Longding, a new army in China, formally appointed Kim Bong-ji, the former head coach of the South Korean Olympic Games, as head coach.
Coach Jin Fengji said: “I suddenly received an invitation from Yanbian Longding and felt that they had a very strong will.”
Jin Fengji coached Shaanxi Changan Athletic in 2020, when his quick serve and oppression left a deep impression on the fans. But for many reasons, he left the Shaanxi team at the end of 2020. He has also been working in China for the past two seasons-he is the head coach of the U18 echelon in Yunnan Province.
Jin Fengji also said: “it is a pity that I have not been able to continue the style of playing in Shaanxi, but this may also be my destiny. Yanbian does have a lot of Korean and the language is common, so it feels good.” Everyone here remembers a lot of what it looked like in the Premier League and the heyday of Yanbian, and I’m looking forward to it. We will start a new challenge with the goal of advancing to the Chinese Super League within 3 years. ” Coach Jin plans to go directly to Kunming, the team’s winter training place, to join the team on the 25th.