Spinazzola: Dreaming of returning to the European Cup? The last two outstanding performances have relieved me of the burden

February 24th In the just-concluded second round of the Europa League play-offs, Rome beat Salzburg Red Bull 2-0 at home to advance to the next round.
Left back Spinazzola performed well in this game, and he also accepted interviews with Sky Sport Italia and DAZN after the game.

Ever feel like time has turned back to Euro 2021?

No, people always like to talk about the past (laughs), I train every day as hard as I can, I want to play this performance, to reach this level, sometimes I can do it, sometimes I don’t,
But I am very satisfied with my performance today, the way I played against Roma, and the results achieved by the team.

Roma played really well today…

Roma is a collective priority team, whoever plays will give everything for the team.

You also played well against Verona last game…

I’m always trying to improve myself and I want to keep doing that, that’s how I play in training.

It’s been a long journey for you, and by showing like this, you too can take the weight off your shoulders…

This is indeed the case, thanks to everyone, the last two games have given me a huge encouragement mentally, which is exactly what I need.

So the real Spinazzola is back?

It depends on many factors, from training to state maintenance, etc., as well as my personal awareness and self-esteem. I have gradually regained my confidence through the last two games.

What does this promotion mean?

Nothing, it means we need to think about Cremona and Juventus, let’s keep trying to move forward together.