SPORT1: Muani was recommended to Bayern before the World Cup and is expected to cost more than 65m euros in the future.

December 21-German Sports one Frankfurt reporter Christopher Michel and famous journalist Kerry Hau jointly wrote a column about French national team striker Muani.
In fact, Muani was noticed at the club level before he became a tragic hero for the national team.
According to SPORT1, Muani was recommended to Bayern before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, while the current plan is still to play in Frankfurt for the 2023 match of the 24th season.
But the striker, who joined Frankfurt as a free agent this summer, is likely to improve faster than most expected, and in any case, the link between him and Bayern still exists.
In the first half of this year, he scored eight goals, sent 11 assists and scored one goal in the World Cup in Qatar. Interested clubs will keep a closer eye on him, and Frankfurt is naturally reluctant to give him up.
Without the Champions League, his chances of staying in Frankfurt would be getting smaller and smaller, and even without the termination clause, Muani’s team is expected to push for a transfer. Frankfurt Director Clocher has not yet defined a “breakup index”. The previous record is that Real Madrid paid a transfer fee of 65 million euros for Jovic in 2019, but he is likely to break that record.
Muani’s compatriot, Upamecano, had expectations for a long time. After the final whistle after his first Bundesliga game against Munich, Uppa told Muani that he had predicted his brilliant future.
Uppa may be right, and most importantly, if you want to get Muani, you have to bring enough money.