Sports: Currently, at least 5 members of the Haigang First Team cannot sign up. Players should refer to the coach’s opinion

February 17 According to the “Sports Weekly” report, the overstaffed Shanghai Seaport Club will streamline the number of players
, but whoever goes and who stays, everything still needs to refer to the opinions of the new coach.

The relevant policies of the Chinese Professional Football League for the 2023 season have been confirmed. In the end, the number of registrations involving the first team of the Chinese Super League has been finalized as a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 35 at the same time, and the cumulative number of applicants in a single season shall not exceed 45.
Since the registration list includes at least 5 U21 players trained by the club, plus 5 standard foreign players, this means that when the first registration at the beginning of the season, there are at most 25 local players over the age of 21.

According to an insider, after taking back loan players such as He Yu, Fu Huan, and Zhang Wei, even including Mai Tijiang and Yu Rui, whose contracts with the club have expired, at present, the number of local players over 21 years old in the Haigang team
There are also about 30 people in reserve.
This also means that without buying any local players, at least 5 people in the first team cannot sign up.

But when it comes to who goes and who stays?
At present, even the most authoritative person in the first team cannot give a conclusion.
It is understood that the current club’s preferred plan is to completely hand over the right to leave the players to the new coach.
For example, Mai Tijiang, his previous contract with Haigang has expired, but it also contains a ” 1″ priority renewal clause.
However, is it actually used?
The club still intends to use the opinion of the new coach as the main reference.

In the early morning of the 15th, except for Liu Zhurun and Abraham Khan who participated in the Guozihao training camp, almost all local players from Haigang arrived to report to the team.
As for foreign players such as Oscar and Caron, the current plan is to return at the end of the month. In fact, there is also the intention of waiting for the new coach to take office.

In terms of coach selection, it is reported that the club had made an offer to an Eastern European coach before, but there was no progress during this period.
Recently, Haigang has focused on the Spanish department, but some of the coaches have put forward higher offers.
With the passage of time, at present, the new coach candidates have been concentrated in a small range, and generally have the experience of coaching in La Liga or La Liga A club.

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