Sports: Liu Yi, who was investigated, once helped Suning acquire the copyright of the Premier League for 5 billion yuan, and Chen Yongliang was involved in anti-gambling 12 years ago

January 20 News Yesterday, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued an official announcement, two football association executives: the former Football Association
Secretary-General Liu Yi and Ministry of State Administration Chen Yongliang were investigated for serious violations of the law.

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According to the “Sports Weekly” introduction of their resumes, Liu Yi entered the Chinese football circle as an agent, while Chen Yongliang worked in the Football Association for more than 20 years, and was involved in the anti-gambling storm 12 years ago.

Liu Yi has been involved in the football circle as an agent since 1998, accepting the entrustment of foreign aid introduction.
Later, the business expanded. It is said that when Sun Jihai joined Manchester City with a transfer fee of 2 million pounds, Liu Yi operated and participated in the whole process.
He once stayed away from the football circle and was involved in other sports businesses. In 2010, he also served as the NBA’s China strategic consultant.

In 2016, Liu Yi returned to the football circle and, as a consultant, helped Jiangsu Suning win the copyright of the Premier League at a price of 721 million US dollars (about 4.967 billion yuan), breaking the domestic copyright fee record.

In 2019, Liu Yi’s team promoted the Premier League Asian Cup to be held in China, and also brought the Giro d’Italia to China.
In the same year, Liu Yi was elected as a member of the 11th Executive Committee of the Chinese Football Association and became the secretary-general of the Chinese Football Association.

During his more than four years as the secretary-general of the Football Association, Liu Yi did not have outstanding performance.
During the National Football Team’s top 12 match, there was also a sea cucumber incident, making Li Tie and the National Football Team the targets of spoofs by the whole people. “Sports Weekly” stated that according to some information, Liu Yi is also the main person in charge of this incident.

And Chen Yongliang joined the Chinese Football Association around 2002, and he is known as “the legendary tumbler of the Football Association”.
According to the verdict issued by the Dandong Intermediate People’s Court on June 13, 2012, during Li Dongsheng’s tenure as the deputy director and director of the technical department of the Football Management Center, he conspired with Chen Yongliang to obtain referee training fees by taking advantage of the technical department’s responsibility for organizing referee training.
Divide up training money.
Li Dongsheng was sentenced to 9 years in prison for this, but Chen Yongliang not only stayed in the Football Association, but also successively served in the technical department, professional department, and professional league council.

Since 2015, Chen Yongliang has successively served as the vice president and general manager of the Chinese Super League, the director of the League Department of the Football Association, and the director of the Chinese Super League.
The Minister of Management, it was Chen Yongliang who announced at the press conference that Li Tie would become the coach of the national football team.

After Li Tie’s official announcement was investigated, many media said that the Football Association signed a four-year high-salary contract with Li Tie, and Chen Yongliang participated in the whole process, and some commercial sponsorships of national teams at all levels were also Chen Yongliang’s main work content.