Sports Seaport team has already designed the FA Cup training route, Oscar is more likely to come back

January 6 News In the first round of the FA Cup quarter-finals, Shanghai Seaport beat Chengdu Rongcheng 4-0.
According to the "Sports Weekly" report, Haigang has already designed a training route for the FA Cup final, and Oscar, who has just returned, is expected to return in the second round of the quarter-finals.

Since Chengdu Rongcheng sent all Chinese teams to play, it was relatively easy for Shanghai Seaport to win.
The Haigang team does not lack offensive players, but since Wu Lei and Vargas joined in the middle of the season, Liu Zhurun returned to the team after finishing training in Croatia, and Oscar has just returned to China, it is obvious that the degree of adaptation is lacking.
To this end, the Seaport team is now digging for scoring weapons as much as possible, such as Issa Caron.
In this campaign, Caron contributed one shot and one pass and became the hero of the team’s victory.

However, from the perspective of the Seaport team, Caron can only be regarded as a prominent scoring point, with limited tactical value.
Xi Zhikang also admitted after the game that the team still focuses on the whole.
Now the Haigang team urgently needs players to recover their combat power, one is Oscar, and the other is Wu Lei.
From the current point of view, Oscar is more likely to come back in the second round of the quarter-finals.
As for Wu Lei, Xi Zhikang believes that he needs at least 2-3 games to recover to his best condition.

For the ultimate decisive battle on January 15, the Haigang team has already designed a training route, and they have not shy away from the outside world.