St. Maximan: I talked to little Thuram about Newcastle; I didn’t go to the World Cup.

December 22-Newcastle winger St. Maximan talked about his relationship with his friend Thuram Jr. and said he was not sad to miss the World Cup.
Asked if he had talked to Thuram about his life at Newcastle, St-Maximan said: “Yes, I will honestly say that I have talked to him.”
I think he is an excellent player and I have known this guy for a long time. I played football with him when I was very young. I know all his family. His parents are also very good. He is an incredible person. ”
“when I saw him score 9 or 10 goals in the Bundesliga, he was called up by France and he was in a good situation and had a chance to win the World Cup because I wanted our country to win the World Cup. When I saw this, I was just saying, ‘Wow’. ”
“I don’t feel sad that I didn’t go to the World Cup because I am happy for him and for them. I missed the previous World Cup and now it’s the second time I’ve missed the World Cup, but I don’t feel very bad and I’m not very depressed.
I will always try my best and I believe that at my current level, I will have a chance to be included in the French squad one day. ”