St. Maximan: talked to Thuram Jr. about Newcastle’s life. I believe I have a chance to join the national team.

December 22-in an interview, Newcastle attacker St Maximan talked about his friend Thuram Jr., whose contract with Menshing expires next summer and has been linked with a move to Newcastle.
Asked if he had talked to Thuram about his life at Newcastle, St Maximan said: “Yes, frankly, I have talked to him and in my opinion, he is a very good player.” I have known him for a long time. We played together when we were very young. I know his family. His parents are very good. He is an incredible guy. ”
“when I saw him score 9 goals and 10 goals in the Bundesliga, when I saw him called up for the French national team, when I saw that he was likely to win the World Cup, when I saw this, my feeling was: ‘great’! I’m not sad that I didn’t play in the World Cup. I’m happy for them and Thuram. ”
“I missed the last World Cup and now it’s the second, but I don’t have that kind of sad feeling, I don’t have that kind of very bad mood. I will always try my best and I believe that with my strength, one day I will have a chance to join the national team. ”
(Ma Dongyu)