Sun Xingmin: Scoring goals is very important to regain confidence, I hope to score more goals in the next game

January 5th, the 19th round of the Premier League, Tottenham won 4-0 away
Crystal Palace.
After the game, Sun Xingmin accepted an interview with Sky Sports.

About this game

Son Heung-min said: "It was a difficult away game. We turned the game around in the second half and ended up scoring four goals. We dominated the game in the second half."

On breaking the scoring drought

"It felt great, the goal came at the right time. I really want to apologize to the team because they all expected more from me, so I hope today is a turning point."

"I’ve been working hard, we’re trying to keep the team consistent. Goals are always important to get confidence back, and that’s really important for me. I hope I can get more in the next games.
Lots of goals."