TA Benzema has renewed his contract for 1 year, Kroos’s situation will not change before February, Nacho received an offer from Saudi Arabia

January 10, Benzema, Modric, Kroos,
The contracts of Asensio, Ceballos, Nacho and Mariano with Real Madrid will all expire this summer. The Athletic wrote an article introducing the renewal of these players.


There is no suspense about the future of Benzema. The Spanish media Relevo reported that when he won the Golden Globe last October, he had automatically renewed his contract with Real Madrid for one year.
There has been no problem with Benzema’s contract renewal negotiations.


So far, Modric’s future has not made any progress, but he is fully confident and willing to renew his contract with the club for another year. Real Madrid’s attitude is more willing to wait.
Meanwhile, Modric has offers from Victory Riyadh and the MLS, but feels he has many years left in his career and hopes to play in the Euros.
What is now clear is that Modric wants to stay involved in football after his retirement.


Kroos has made it clear that no renewal decision will be made before 2023, and sources around him say nothing will happen before February.
The coaching staff is happy with Kroos, but even if Kroos chooses to renew, he doesn’t plan to extend his career for too long.


Asensio was disappointed with the board last summer. He wanted better salary conditions, while Real Madrid wanted him to leave the team.
After replacing Mendes as his agent, Asensio decided to stay with the team. Although he was dissatisfied with his playing time, Ancelotti said that the team needed him and Real Madrid was willing to negotiate a contract extension.
Negotiations about his future have already begun and after the conclusion of the Spanish Super Cup, negotiations on the renewal of the contract continued.


The future of Ceballos is not clear, Real Madrid does not plan to renew his contract, he chooses to wait for the progress of the season.
Considering economic factors, it is not feasible for Ceballos to return to Betis, and his best possibility is to play abroad.


Nacho’s camp has not received good feedback from the club and their initial optimism has cooled.
In addition, he was dissatisfied with the lack of playing time and also received offers from Spain and other major league teams, and he also received offers from the Saudi team.
But if he does not renew his contract with Real Madrid, Nacho’s first choice is MLS.


Mariano will not leave the team in the winter window, and the club will not make a contract renewal offer. His after-tax salary of about 4.5 million euros is a heavy burden for Real Madrid, which is also related to his performance and injury problems.