TA: Chelsea Football Club will have more youth training after Broya’s serious injury, and Casaday will be rented out.

December 15-after Broya’s season reimbursement + serious injury, The Athletic UK Chelsea correspondent Simon Johnson wrote the latest column entitled-With Armando Broja injured, which young forward will step up for Chelsea?
Chelsea boss Graham Porter looked closely at two potential strikers from the youth camp at a recent Abu Dhabi training camp who could play a role in Broya’s position.
In this case, Mason Berstow (Mason Burstow) will be the next successor in most options. In January, Chelsea paid London-based Charlton Athletic Club 1.6 million pounds ($2 million) for the 18-year-old, who scored six goals for the League one club.
The 19-year-old Berstow returned to Charlton on loan in the second half of last season before joining Chelsea in the summer. He has made 15 appearances for U21 and came off the bench in Sunday’s 1-0 friendly defeat to Aston Villa.
Another option is Mather Hill, who can play on the flank and in the middle, and his experience is even more tortuous. Manchester United invited him to a trial, but he was not sure and nothing happened. Arsenal are not far behind, and this time Mather Hill was not convinced by Arsenal.
Negotiations with Norwich broke down and Brighton was evaluating him when Chelsea found he could be signed: Chelsea saw him play only two games and they offered a contract.
The youth coach was not interested in him, but Mather Hill hired a personal trainer, doubled his training and finally got a chance to play in the first team.
His current contract expires at the end of the season, and a few months ago, he seemed to be leaving. However, preliminary negotiations on a contract renewal have now begun, which is another sign that his situation is improving, although it is still too early and neither side will rush to make a decision.
Yet one genius that will obviously not be considered is Thorpe Bell. As explained last month, he is likely to leave because his contract expires in the summer.
The 18-year-old center started against Brentford a year ago and played the full 90 minutes, his only adult game at the club. He was not in the training camp in Abu Dhabi and was not in the squad against Cheltenham.
Casadei is a midfielder, not a simple center. But compared with Berstow and Mather Hill, the Italian seems to have a stronger physique to cope with the competition from the first team. So don’t be surprised if Porter watches carefully. Having said that, it is thought that he will go out on loan next month.
Omari Hutchinson, a winger / No. 10 player, has been included in the Potter squad three times, but he has not yet made his official first-team debut. The excellent performance against Aston Villa last weekend, coupled with Broya’s long absence, should ensure that he continues to be selected. But it is clear that he and Broya are not the same type of player.
There will not be another U21 game until January 9, but the first team will play another friendly against West London neighbour Brentford to reopen the Premier League this season against Bournemouth two days after Christmas.
More players returning from the World Cup will be able to play, but for Berstow and Mather Hill, a friendly may be the most worthwhile tryout experience.