TA: Conte hopes to bring in Portuguese sports winger Wempolo, but Tottenham need to clean up the redundant players first.

According to Theathletic, although coach Conti is eager to bring in an elite right wing, it is difficult for Tottenham to bring in Portuguese sports’s Pedro Porro, as the North London club is considering living within its means and needs to clean up some redundant staff first.
Tottenham tried to bring in Adama Traore from Wolves last summer, but they still failed to succeed in the winter window this year. Last year, Tottenham acquired Emerson and Spencer, but Conti only trusted the former, even if his performance did not live up to expectations.
In Conti’s tactical system, the creativity of wingbacks is so important that it is hard to imagine them not strengthening this position in this winter window. However, if it was easy to sign such a player, they did so 12 months ago.
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