TA: Manchester United met with Gacopo’s agent, bringing in a striker is a top priority in the signing work.

According to The Athletic, the introduction of strikers who meet the requirements of Tenhaher is a top priority for Manchester United to bring in aid.
Manchester United’s summer transfer spending is over £100 million, so it is thought that Manchester United will be conservative in the winter window, but with the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, this has increased the team’s demand for the center. Teng Hag may exert influence on the introduction of aid to ensure that funds are in place.
TA said Teng Hach’s comments were most prominent in Manchester United’s signings operation, but he worked with an increasingly data-oriented recruitment team. Tenhah has a good relationship with football director Mutaf and the final decision on the transfer is in the hands of Joel Glazer.
Finding a striker who meets Tenhaher’s requirements is a top priority for United, even before Cristiano Ronaldo left last month. Martial is qualified for Tenhaher’s request, but the Frenchman has been plagued by injuries several times this season. Rushford has played as a striker, but the left wing is the most suitable position for him, and Ganacho is expected to get more chances. Anthony and Ilanga are flank options.
In addition to strikers, finding a right-back to compete with Darlotte is also a target for Manchester United. The Portuguese has started 20 times in 21 games this season, and Wanbisaka started in the Carling Cup against Burnley and contributed an assist. The right-back was the position Tenhaher wanted to sign in the summer window. Manchester United held talks with Durst, but the player eventually joined Milan.
Speaking about signing targets, TA said Manchester United would once again discuss Gakpo, as the Reds reached a personal agreement with the player in the summer, but the transfer fell through after Ajax raised Anthony’s offer. Gacbo enjoyed an excellent World Cup and Teng Hach has always been him, and although the player’s best position is on the left, he has been playing in the centre for the Netherlands in the World Cup in Qatar.
Gakpo’s contract with PSV Eindhoven expires in 2026 and the club’s asking price for him in the summer is 50 million euros. The Dutch team wants to keep Gakpo to win the league title this season, but they do not rule out selling the player in the winter window. Teng Hach and Jakpo belong to the same agency, and Murtaf has met with the chief executive of the agency, Voss, who is a regular at Old Trafford, in the last two weeks.
Manchester United can also choose lower-cost, experienced strikers such as Schubo Moting, whose contract with Bayern expires at the end of June. At right-back, Manchester United are keeping an eye on Bayer Leverkusen’s Flinpen, but they are expected to only go on loan in this position.
As for the departing players, Crystal Palace asked about Wanpisaka, but it is expected that the bid will not meet Manchester United’s requirements. Mutaf will persuade Tenhah to use Wanbisaka, which is likely to be the way for the player to leave the team on loan. Brandon Williams is likely to leave the team in the winter window, while goalkeeper Heaton will also seek to leave the team.
As for which World Cup star is suitable for Manchester United, TA said that apart from Gakpo, Gonzalo Ramos, who has scored 15 goals for Benfica this season, Tenhaher likes him, but transfer cost must be taken into account.