TA Mingji: Due to the shortage of midfielders, Arsenal is exploring the possibility of signing Jorginho

January 31, according to The Athletic’s David Ornstein, Arsenal is exploring
The possibility of signing Chelsea midfielder Jorginho.

According to reports, due to Elneny’s injury, the team’s midfielder Thomas has very few substitutes.
Arsenal have expressed interest in signing Jorginho, and there are other names on the Arsenal list.
But considering that there are less than 24 hours left before the deadline, Arsenal also realize that their options and time are running out.

Jorginho’s contract expires this summer and Chelsea may lose the 31-year-old midfielder for nothing if a permanent transfer is not completed within this window.
At present, Chelsea is fully promoting Enzo’s transfer, which also makes Jorginho’s playing order in the Blues further decline.
Arsenal’s confidence in signing Jorginho may depend on Chelsea’s push for Enzo’s transfer.

(Jay Chan)