Tan Kaiyuan: I can’t make much money in China at my level, so I might as well go abroad to improve myself

Recently, Tan Kaiyuan, who just joined the Espanyol B team, accepted an interview with CCTV’s “Football Night”.

Talk about the original intention of studying abroad

There is no one to guide me. I just want something. If you have good ability, you can play. If you are not good, you don’t play.
If I don’t take this step, there will be a hurdle in my heart that I can’t get over.

I tend to let nature take its course and try my best. I don’t think too far into what results I get. I don’t say what the goal is, just work hard. The goal is to play better games. There are really no short-term goals.

Talking about giving up the domestic one-million-year salary contract to study abroad

My agent in China said to help me negotiate a better team and better remuneration, but I said that I must study abroad. I said it many times, and he said ‘yes’.

To be honest, at my level, I am still relatively good at my age, and I can’t make much money at my level in China, so it’s better to improve myself.

talk about teammates

Their attitude towards my study abroad is not good, they are all pessimistic. In fact, after the official announcement, I can’t help but look at it, and I feel that it is pessimistic.