Tardelli: Pogba is a problem that Juventus must solve. When his teammates face difficulties, he goes skiing

February 13 Juventus star Tardelli said that Pogba is already Juventus
The big problem that had to be solved, Pogba went skiing while the Juventus team-mates were struggling.

Pogba joined Juventus last summer, but he has not played for the team due to injuries. Juventus coach Allegri previously said, “I don’t know when Pogba will come back.”
Deli said: “Pogba hasn’t played a game since April 2022, when he was still at Manchester United. Now this is a problem for Juventus, you don’t know when he will come back, and you don’t know what he wants to do.

Tardelli went on to point out: “(December last year) Pogba went skiing, and his teammates were struggling with the difficulties facing Juventus. And Pogba did not want to undergo surgery at the time arranged by the Juventus club.
It is up to him to decide the timing of the operation because he is afraid of missing the World Cup due to injury.”

In the end, Tardelli said: “Now Pogba has become a big problem that Juventus must solve. This situation also shows that Juventus has no clear idea about it. In my opinion, Allegri must deal with this matter and cannot
To have a player like that on the payroll. His behavior towards his teammates is not even right, it bothers me.”

(Su Erhu)