Teammate: Cristiano Ronaldo’s captain’s armband was given to him willingly by the former captain, there is no problem

08, February 08 Recently, in an interview with the media, Masharipov, the victorious player in Riyadh, talked about
To the arrival of Ronaldo and his captaincy.
In addition, he also talked about the outside criticism of the Portuguese star.

Earlier, some outsiders criticized Ronaldo for staying in the best hotel as soon as he came to Saudi Arabia. Such a move may be unfair to his teammates.
In this regard, Ronaldo’s teammate Masharipov explained: “C Ronaldo is currently living in the best hotel and may move to a villa soon, but this is no different. The club has also provided other players.
This treatment.”

“Some players stay in hotels for a long time, some people look for houses around the stadium, the club has created the necessary conditions for all players.”

In addition, regarding the situation of Ronaldo as the captain, he also said: “If other players can become the captain of Ronaldo, it will make people feel a little strange. So our former captain is willing to hand over the captain’s armband to Ronaldo.
Cause any problems. I think this is the best solution, there is no other option.”

After joining Riyadh Victory in the winter window, Ronaldo played 2 times in the league on behalf of the team and scored 1 penalty.