Ten Hag: Carroll’s few tackles in the game are not considered football moves

February 1st Manchester United coach Ten Hag said at the press conference that the football
None of the three tackles made by Reading forward Andy Carroll in the 3-1 FA Cup win over Reading were hardly football moves.

In that game, Carroll fouled Eriksson, Malaysia and Casemiro successively, and was eventually sent off.
His foul also caused Eriksen to be seriously injured and will be out for several months.

“I’m disappointed with that,” Ten Hag said. “Football has to set limits and you protect players because you want to see the best players on the pitch.”

Foul on Eriksson:

Foul against Malaysia:

Foul on Casemiro:

“This tackle, and the two after that, were not football moves because there was a high risk of injuring players. I was also wondering when Martinez got elbowed against Crystal Palace,
But no one cares. I wonder about things like this because there is an injury risk for the players.”

Asked if Carroll meant to hurt his players, Ten Hag replied: “I have my own opinion about it. My thoughts are clear. It happens in top football. It shouldn’t happen,
But it happens and you have to deal with it.”