Ten Hag: The team is full of fighting spirit and spiritual attributes throughout the season, and the players can cope with setbacks

January 15 News In the 20th round of the Manchester derby in the Premier League, Manchester United sat at home at Old Trafford
Defeated Manchester City 2-1 and took all three points. After the game, Manchester United coach Ten Hag attended the press conference and talked about the victory of the game.

About this game

We have seen throughout the season that we have a team full of fighting spirit and mentality, players can deal with setbacks, today’s game is another good example.
Manchester City played more and more strongly in the first half of the game. The first 30 minutes of the second half were very difficult for us. Rodri connected the game very well between the two lines. In addition, Walker played particularly well, so
The game became very difficult for us, and we couldn’t cope for a while.
We have the mentality and always believe in a good result and we have to take that seriously and believe in our team and they paid off by winning an important game.

About the team’s performance in the first half

We played really well in the first half, the team was well organized and executed well, we played proactively and made good interceptions, put pressure on the opponent at the right moment, we created
The most opportunities and the best moments.

Talk about the team’s changes after falling behind

We had to come off Martial at half-time and Anthony didn’t play well up front, he would be better on the right.
B Fei played very well in the first half of the game, whether it was possession or delivery of the ball, that’s why we made one-on-one adjustments in the forward position.
I want to change the situation before the team scores and let B Fei return to the central position. After we make adjustments, we have more control over the game.

Talk about the equalizer

On the other side we could see our impact and it was a very confusing moment for their defence, obviously, that’s the rule of the game.
I wouldn’t be happy if my team conceded a goal like that.
We can see that the opponent is very disappointed by this, but we can also see that the referee is doing a good job.

Could the team’s recent winning streak be an indication of where United’s future is headed?

It’s a process, and we’re making progress.
Tough wins against Arsenal and Liverpool, we also created a lot of chances and missed a lot.
We start to rebuild from now on.
There is still a long way to go in the future. We are very happy with this result, which can also bring us more confidence. If we want to be successful, we must improve more than we are now.

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