Teng Hach talked about the starting line-up: someone in the team is sick, so it is an urgent measure to let Varane start the game.

December 28-Manchester United play Nottingham Forest at home in the 17th round of the Premier League.
In this game, Manchester United’s starting line-up is: 1-de Gea, 29-million-Pisaka, 19-Varane, 23-Luke-Shaw, 12-Malaysia, 18-Casemillo, 14-Eriksson, 8 Fay, 21-Anthony, 10-Rushford, 9-Martial
Speaking of the starting line-up, Teng Hach said in an interview before the game: “some people in the team are sick this week, including Maguire, Lindelof and McTominie.” Maguire has recovered, but he feels he can’t start and we need to make some creative adjustments to the starting line-up. We made a decision yesterday and decided to wait all night for the patients to recover. Maguire is much better, but the other two have not recovered. ”
Speaking of Varane’s starting line-up, Teng Hach said: “I talked to him yesterday and he took responsibility for the team. That’s why he was so successful and won so many trophies. He is very important to our squad.” He said to me,’I’m ready, send me on.’ He has been training, but you also have to consider his injury history; the schedule of the World Cup is too dense for him, he has played for France for a long time, we have to take good care of him. We had an emergency in this game, which is why he started this game. ”
“at this stage of the season, I don’t think the top four can tell you anything. There will be a lot of games, obviously a lot of teams will compete for the top four places, you have to win the game and make progress at the same time. ”