Teng Hach: Wan-Pisa has a future. I am very satisfied with his performance.

December 22-Manchester United beat Burnley 2-0 in the Carling Cup 1/8 final, which ended early this morning. At a press conference after the game, Red Devils coach Teng Hahe was asked about the future of team defender Wan Pisaka.
Teng Hahe said: “he has a future, he has spent a few wonderful years at Manchester United, but at the beginning of the season, he has experienced a lot of injuries, but after this interval, he is healthy and he can train with the team.” you can see that he is improving. His health is getting better and better and his performance is getting better and better. ”
“Today I am very satisfied with his performance, he sent an assist, and more importantly, I am very satisfied with the way he assists. With regard to his movement, the timing of passing and the scheduling of B fee, anyway, that assist was great, so I was very satisfied with his performance and he did a good job. ”
(Ma Dongyu)