Ter Stegen conceded 7 goals and 14 zero seals in the half-time La Liga, almost tying the La Liga record

02 February 02, Barcelona beat Betis 2-1 in the away game. At the end of the game, Barcelona defender Kong
Germany scored an own goal, Barcelona goalkeeper Ter Stegen conceded 7 goals in 19 rounds in the first half, a total of 14 games without seals, failed to match the 19 rounds created by Deportivo goalkeeper Liaño in the 1993-94 season. Conceded 6 goals, 15 games
Zero seal record.

In the 93-94 season, Liaño created almost all the records of La Liga goalkeepers since the 38-round system: 6 goals conceded in the half, 18 goals conceded in the whole season, and 26 games with zero seals.
Only Oblak in the 15-16 season was very close: conceded 18 goals and 24 clean sheets in the season.