Terstgen: Messi deserves all this. Levan is a player who can make a difference.

December 29 in an exclusive interview with the World Sports newspaper, Barcelona goalkeeper Terstgen talked about the current situation of the team, he said that he is willing to assume leadership responsibility.
What do you think of Barcelona’s return to competition?
Terstgen: “it’s great. I’m looking forward to it. It’s not an easy situation for the coach because some people have played more games than others in the World Cup and it’s not easy to deal with it.” But I think the team did a great job, now we are all at the same level and we are focused on what is going to happen. ”
Would you rather the first game after the recovery of the season is the derby?
Terstgen: “it should be. Everyone knows what a derby means to the Catalans and we will do our best.”
Is it an extra pressure to be a leader?
Terstgen: “We have been playing for some time before the World Cup and I think we should be there and it is time to fight for the next six months so that we can lift the trophy at the end.” This is what everyone likes and we have the opportunity to maintain the momentum of the league suspension in November. ”
About Levan’s suspension.
Terstgen: “he is a different player, but I am calm because we know we are very strong, especially in the frontcourt.” It is not easy to solve this problem, but I believe we will find a way. ”
Levan said he had a good relationship with you and Derong.
Terstgen: “the most important thing is that we always hope that the newly signed players can adapt very quickly and we will try our best to help everyone.” Because he speaks German, it is easier for him to adapt and I think he does well both at the football level and at the personal level. ”
Is Levan the best signing for Lionel Messi after leaving?
Terstgen: “I think he is a player who can make a difference and Barcelona know very well what it will bring to sign him.” There is no need to explain what he has achieved so far and what he will bring us. I am glad that it is important to have experienced people. ”
After Lionel Messi won the World Cup, is the debate over the best in history over?
Terstgen: “I don’t think there’s anyone like Lionel Messi. He deserves all this. He gets what he needs all the time, but for me, there’s never been an argument.”
Did you send a message to Macy? Roberto said he sent a message but got no reply.
Terstgen: “he’s going to get a lot of news.”
You’ve always been considered a captain without armbands.
Terstgen: “as I have said, it is very special to wear the captain’s armband in Barcelona and I am very proud to wear it when I can wear it.” But in the end, we have a lot of leaders in the dressing room, now that Pique has retired, he is an important figure in the dressing room, it is difficult to make up for that, but now we have to have experienced players to fill it, this is the best time for everyone to stand up. Whether I am the fourth captain or not, I am very proud. I will ask my teammates to move forward. I don’t have to wear the captain’s armband, but I want to be an important person in the dressing room. ”
(Ma Dongyu)