The 2020 Europa League final matchup is released: Sevilla vs. Inter Milan

August 18, You Live News, the focus of the Europa League semi-final match, Inter Milan 5-0 Shakhtar Donetsk
, made a strong advance to the Europa League final this season and successfully joined forces with Sevilla.

Inter Milan used a hearty 5-goal victory to break into the Europa League final again after 10 years.
Became the first team with a goal difference of 5 goals in a single UEFA Cup/UEFA Cup semi-final, creating the most disparity in a single European semi-final since AC Milan beat Real Madrid 5-0 in the 1988-89 UEFA Champions League.

The UEFA Europa League final will be held at 3:00 am on Saturday, August 22, at the Rhine Energy Stadium in Cologne.

Sevilla entered the Europa League final 5 times before and won all of them; Inter Milan entered the Europa League final 4 times before and won 3 times.

UEFA announced the shortlist for the best player in the semi-finals: Lukaku, Lautaro, Bunu and Bruno Fernandez were selected.