The behind-the-scenes founder of “Dark Horse” Morocco, the sad coach who was dismissed before three World Cups

As an unseeded team, Morocco beat Belgium, Spain and Portugal successively, made it to the semi-finals and staged the legend of the dark horse in Qatar.
Moroccan coach, 47-year-old Greeraghi is famous for this. As the leader of the dark horse, he is known as “African Mourinho” and enjoys the aura of magical coach.
However, it is only 81 days since Greg Raj took office as Morocco’s coach.
It can be said that Gregory let the team unleash its infinite potential, which has been accumulated over the years by another mastermind.
The real founder of Morocco, the Dark Horse.
“they took away my pride, and I can’t forget it, and I won’t forgive them.”
Talking about Morocco’s excellent performance in the World Cup, the outraged former coach Harry Hodzic said.
“I had hoped to end my coaching career after leading the team to this World Cup. I am glad that Morocco has achieved good results, but it does not ease my pain.”
Over the past three years, the Bosnian coach has built a solid foundation in the North African desert, from scratch, from low to high, just as the team he has exhausted and carefully built is about to shock the world, he left first. It was like a big show, but the director changed his name temporarily.
In 1952, Harry Hodzic was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, then belonging to Yugoslavia. As a player, he was a former Yugoslavia international, scoring eight goals for the national team.
After retiring, Harry Hodzic stepped into the coaching post. In 1990, he picked up the coach of his own team Mostavilaz, and his excellent record made him into the five major leagues three seasons later, taking the positions of Lille, Rennes and Paris Saint-Germain successively.
In 2008, the 56-year-old Harry Hodzic entered the international arena. On May 11 of that year, he was appointed coach of the Ivorian national team, and his career as a coach of the national team began.
To this day, the 70-year-old Harry Hodzic has left his footprints in four countries, namely, C ô te d’Ivoire, Algeria, Japan and Morocco. It is proud that during his tenure, all his teams have successfully qualified for the World Cup.
It can be said that Harry Hodzic is a well-deserved “king of qualifiers”, but when it comes to the World Cup match, I believe that in the old coach’s heart, “pride” will be replaced by “regret”.
The victim of protecting the car and abandoning the handsome.
In just two years from 2019 to 2021, Harry Hodzic led Morocco to dominate Africa. In Qatar World Cup qualifiers, Morocco achieved an impressive record of 7 wins and 1 draw, winning tickets to the finals with an indisputable performance.
On the surface, however, Morocco, which is full of scenery, is in danger behind its back.
Harry Hodges, who has always run the army with an iron fist, the first principle of coaching is to have an absolute voice. Under his high-handed rule, some talented players with distinct personalities have become divergent members of the team.
The first is the number one star in the squad, Qiyeh, who plays for Premiership giants Chelsea.
“his professional habits should not be what he should look like as the leader of the national team.”
When Ziyeh refused to play in a warm-up match on the grounds of injury, Hallihovic mercilessly criticized him.
It is said that the two have long been at odds with each other in private, and their relationship has been at odds with each other for a long time, and this “fake injury” incident is the trigger for the master and apprentice to turn against each other.
Since then, in the Moroccan battle, the relationship between the two has developed to a situation of “you without me”.
In addition, Bayern defender Mazrawi is also a thorn in the side of Harry Hodzic.
As a result of his close contact with Ziyeh in private, when the general’s discord intensified, Mazravi stood on the opposite side of Harry Hovic, causing the latter’s strong dissatisfaction.
In addition, dissatisfied with the arrangement in the training, the details could not meet the requirements, Harry Hovic once again used an iron fist to give a red light to Mazravi.
The team manager and the leading star are at odds with each other, prompting the Moroccan Football Association to make a choice, the power of the heaven either fall to one end or fall apart. Under heavy pressure, Halihovich fell victim to Morocco’s promotion of unity.
At this point, his three years of efforts came to naught, and his World Cup dream came to naught.
Again and again
Just as former Spanish coach Lopetegi bid farewell to the World Cup in tears, missed Harry Hovic, who showed the fruits of labor and wisdom in front of the world, and could only experience the success and glory of his own team with regret and loneliness.
But this is not the first time the coach has experienced such an absurd and painful experience.
In 2008, Harry Hodzic became Cote d’Ivoire coach, under his careful training, two years later in the African Cup, “African Elephant” is looking forward to the championship.
However, on the eve of the battle, the then Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo paid a surprise visit to the team and issued a “military writ” to Khali Hodzic, asking him to lead the team to win the African Cup, on the grounds that the halo of the championship could help Gbagbo succeed in re-election.
Unfortunately, when C ô te d’Ivoire, a strong African Cup, was blocked by Algerians from the semi-finals, the Chinese were very dissatisfied with this, and the president was furious, waiting for the only end of Harry Hodzic’s class.
But in fact, the main reason for Ivory Coast’s African Cup failure is not poor strength, but trapped by security risks, players simply do not want to fight.
In a later interview, Harry Hodzic said: “Didier Drogba and Yaya Toure told me that we can’t continue to play, we are in danger.”
The old coach, who resisted authority, thus became the scapegoat of C ô te d’Ivoire.
Leaving the sad place of Africa, Harry Hodzic made a long trek to coach the Japanese team in East Asia.
At the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the Japanese team locked in the top 12 of the Asian qualifiers and easily entered the finals.
History seems to be caught in a cycle, the war is just around the corner, and this time Harry Hodgic is in a dilemma.
Harry Hodzic is unable to build trust with his players.
This is the definition of Harry Hodzic by the Japanese Football Association, and the “players” referred to in the words were the two most famous Japanese international players at that time-Keisuke Honda and Meiji Kagawa.
Stubborn and stubborn, Harry Hodzic adheres to the concept of team supremacy. His plan to build a younger and unified Japanese team, Honda and Kagawa, is not part of the Bosnian boss’s plan.
In order to implement his ideas, despite pressure from the Japanese Football Association and sponsors, Harry Hodzic strongly put the two popular stars on the bench and came up with the idea of removing them from the national team.
In the end, the Japanese Football Association sided with the players. Two months before the World Cup in Russia, Harry Hodzic was dismissed sadly.
Iron fist and tyranny
Strictly speaking, it is not accurate to say that “iron-handed coaches” are stubborn and egotistical.
To take the model Mourinho, for example, in essence, although the Portuguese run the army severely, they are not bossy.
Mourinho manages the team very strictly and attaches great importance to authority, but on the other hand, he also quite understands the technical and psychological characteristics of players, and can teach students in accordance with their aptitude to stimulate their potential according to their different personalities.
For example, when he was in charge of Tottenham, Mourinho discovered Kane’s 10th position attribute, which helped him win the Premiership Golden Boot + assists king of the season.
Although Mourinho strives to take the initiative to get along with the players, he can take the other side’s point of view as the premise, which is why officers and men such as Materazzi are willing to give everything for him.
For Harry Hodzic, there is an obvious lack of a “case-by-case” way of thinking, and little is known about the psychological activities and personality characteristics of the players.
Personally, Harry Hodzic, who has repeatedly hit a brick wall, has some shortcomings, but on the competitive level, the Bosnian boss can definitely be called a winner on the field.
In addition to leading Morocco, C ô te d’Ivoire and Japan to qualify for the World Cup, it should not be ignored that the 2014 World Cup in Brazil led the Algerian group to break through, which was also the masterpiece of Harry Hodzic, although it was the only mark left by the sad old coach in the World Cup.
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