The Beijing News: Li Lei’s return to Guoan has entered the countdown and will participate in the team’s second phase of training

February 27 According to the “Beijing News”, Li Lei’s return to Guoan has entered the countdown.

Li Lei did not enter the squad in the 22nd round of the Swiss Super League last night. He had not appeared in 5 consecutive rounds before.
Local media reported that Li Lei submitted an application for leaving the team due to family reasons. He has played 14 games for the team and assisted one time.

The contract between Li Lei and Grasshopper was supposed to expire on June 30, and he has decided to end his study abroad ahead of schedule.
Li Lei is currently handling related matters in Switzerland. After the processing is completed, he will return to China. The countdown to his return to Guoan has entered. He is expected to participate in the second stage of the team’s training camp in Haikou on March 7. Yang Liyu is also expected to participate.