The best candidates for the 34th round of the Chinese Super League: Huang Zichang, Zhou Dingyang, and Ndiaye are on the list

January 1, the best players for the 34th round of the Chinese Super League were released Huang Zichang, Zhou Dingyang, Ndiaye
, Evolo, Luo Jing and other 5 people were selected.
In the game against Hebei, Huang Zichang performed well. He completed the passes and shots in the 63rd and 67th minutes of the second half, helping Henan Songshan Longmen beat their opponents 4-0.
In the game against Guangzhou City, Luo Jing scored a wonderful long shot in the 13th minute of the first half.
Subsequently, Luo Jing’s shot in the penalty area caused confusion and helped Mao Ziyu score with a supplementary shot.
In the 43rd minute, Luo Jing assisted Yang Yiming with a corner kick and scored another goal.
In the 4-0 victory over Yatai, Haigang foreign aid Ndiaye also performed well, scoring twice with overhead kicks.
In the match against the Dalian native, Zhou Dingyang passed the ball 51 times and scored twice to help Chengdu Rongcheng win the opponent 3-0.
In the 4-0 victory over Wuhan Yangtze River, the Zhejiang team’s foreign aid Evolo made 5 shots and 4 shots on target and scored 1 goal.