The connecting flight of La Fonia was delayed on the way back to Barcelona, and two suitcases were lost on the way.

December 21-Brazilian winger Lafinia is expected to return to Barcelona for training on Wednesday after finishing his World Cup mission. However, on the return trip, Lafinia was delayed on a connecting flight in Lisbon and lost two suitcases.
Lafinia was trapped on the plane for three hours, during which the airline did not provide food for passengers. As a result, Lafinia sent a message expressing his dissatisfaction and accusing the aviation department of dereliction of duty.
“I would like to thank tap for keeping us on the plane for more than an hour. Now we are informed that we will stay on the plane for another hour and are not allowed to leave, so we are stranded on the plane for two hours. ”
“more details: a lot of people change planes, they don’t have lunch, and I’m one of them. The airline said they would not provide it. How much tap respects passengers! ”
“once again, I would like to thank tap for successfully losing two of my suitcases in addition to the three-hour delay.”
After an unpleasant trip, Lafinia has now arrived in Barcelona and will join Xavi’s training session tomorrow while restarting preparations for the league.
(Qi Zi Cake)