the court investigated Pique’s account because the Super Bowl agreement with Saudi Arabia could benefit Barcelona.

December 15-the Spanish judiciary continues to investigate the agreement between Pique and Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Association, on the Spanish Super Bowl, and according to the Secret News today, the Spanish Football Association and the Saudi side reached a special agreement: if either Real Madrid or Barcelona cannot participate in the Super Bowl, the Spanish Football Association will lose 5 million euros in income Losses could reach up to 10 million euros.
In response, the judge of Court 4 of the Mahada Onda District Court in Madrid, Spain, which is responsible for investigating the case, specifically submitted a request to the Andorra judiciary to commission an investigation to examine Pique’s personal account. “in the Spanish Serie An and the King’s Cup, all referees’ questions are controlled by the Spanish Football Association through the Spanish referee committee,” the judge said.
That is, the Spanish court held that as the participation of Barcelona and Real Madrid directly affected the Spanish Football Association’s income in the Super Bowl, and the performance of the two clubs was likely to be affected by the referee’s decision, it is therefore necessary to doubt whether the Super Bowl agreement has the possibility of affecting the performance of the two teams in the league and the King’s Cup.
This is especially considering that Pique, as a Barcelona player, was directly involved in the negotiations when the Spanish Football Association reached an agreement with Saudi Arabia, and the match is also of interest to him.
Under Spanish criminal law, suspected dereliction of duty can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison, while commercial corruption can be sentenced to four years in prison.