The former Villa women’s team coach asked the players to send nude photos forced dating, and the FA did nothing about it

February 03 News According to the Daily Mail women’s football reporter Kathryn Batte and the famous reporter Matt Hughes
The FA is facing questions over the protection of young female players following the latest reports that a former Aston Villa coach faces shocking allegations.

Jack Peel has been accused of sending inappropriate messages to several Women’s Super League clubs’ youth players during his tenure as head coach of the club’s women’s academy, including asking them to provide nude photos.

In September 2021, Villa received a complaint from a first-team player about Peel’s alleged behaviour, leading to an internal investigation and Villa subsequently imposed a suspension on him.
The 27-year-old coach, who resigned on the day he attended Villa’s formal disciplinary hearing, has vehemently denied the allegations, calling them “disgusting” and “untrue”.

The FA did not formally deal with the matter and Peel, who has not been formally inquired by the FA, continued to be linked with grassroots club Dothill Colts in Tamworth in the nine months since leaving Villa.

The PFA, which was not aware of the incident until contacted by The Mail for comment, are urgently seeking a meeting with the FA to ascertain what support is in place for the players.

Peel is accused of sending inappropriate messages to Villa women’s players aged 16 to 18, asking them to provide nude photos, commenting on their appearance and asking them to meet him outside the football pitch.

The parents of several of the victims expressed concern about the way the FA had handled the case and expressed anger that they had not been contacted directly.
The allegations against Peele have not undergone any impartial scrutiny.

The PFA and the FA face further scrutiny and pressure from public opinion, and spokespersons for each party declined to comment further.