the French Football Association denied that the sick player was infected with COVID-19, saying that the cold air conditioner in the stadium caused a cold.

According to the French reporter Alessandro Grandesso of La Gazzetta dello Sport, although many players had symptoms of colds and fever, the French Football Association denied that the players had been infected with novel coronavirus and said that their discomfort was caused by the air conditioning of the stadium.
French midfielder Rabio and defender Uppamecano, who missed the World Cup semi-final because of a flu outbreak, resumed training yesterday, but winger Koeman remained at the hotel with a fever.
However, French coach Didier Deschamps is not particularly worried about this, and according to the reply given by the French Football Association: at present, the possibility of players being infected with novel coronavirus can be ruled out, only because of the sudden change in local temperature and the cold air conditioning in the stadium. resulting in mild symptoms of pharyngitis.
But in spite of this, a large number of masks and disinfectant gels were sent to the French team training camp, and the players were asked to keep a social distance and not to shake hands to avoid contagion.
And in addition to catching a cold, many French players are also “scarred”. For example, Special Olympics was hit in the semi-final and felt a little unwell these days. In addition, Giroux, Grizman and Mbappe also had some minor injuries.