the general counsel of the European Court of Justice said that the European Super League lost the case, and Uefa enthusiastically supported + called for a quick judgment.

December 15-on December 15, local time, the European Court of Justice gave clear guidance on the three remaining clubs in the European Super League-Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus-suing Uefa.
Although the guidance does not represent the final sentence, in more than 80 per cent of similar cases, the final verdict is consistent with the guidance.
The preliminary decision of the European Court of Justice upheld Uefa’s victory and held that Uefa, as the governing body of football, should have the power to review any new competition.
Uefa officials said: “Uefa warmly supports the clear opinion of the Court today and recommends that the European Court of Justice make a decision as soon as possible to support our core mission of managing European football, protecting the pyramids and developing football throughout Europe.
Uefa supports the clear comments made by General Counsel Lantos today, which is an encouraging step towards maintaining the existing dynamic and democratic governance structure of the European football pyramid. His guidance emphasizes the central role of Uefa in protecting football, adhering to the basic principles of sports values, opening access among members and uniting football with shared responsibility.
European football remains United and firmly opposes the European Super League or any similar rebellious proposal, which will threaten the entire European sports ecosystem. ”
So far, the three clubs and the A22 public relations company under its European Super Project did not comment.
Add: the European Club Association ECA has also issued an official statement supporting the guidance put forward by the European Court of Justice.