The Independent: Brighton set a price of £90 million for Caicedo, and want to keep someone to make a difference

January 28 According to a report by the editor-in-chief of The Independent, Miguel Delaney,
After Brighton rejected Chelsea and Arsenal’s offer to Caicedo, even though Caicedo has issued a statement that he wants to leave the team, the club’s position has not changed. Their price for Caicedo is 90 million
British pounds (over 100 million euros).

Arsenal and Chelsea need £90 million to sign Caicedo from Brighton. Brighton has not wavered from Caicedo’s statement on social media that he wants to leave the team, but internally at the club
The perception is that Caicedo’s new agent gave him poor advice.

Part of it is their experience in this situation, especially players like Cucurella, Dale Stephens and Lewis Dunk, and they don’t need to sell players now.
The only way for Brighton to sell players is to meet their asking price for players.

The club’s motivation is even stronger than ever this winter, as they have had an excellent season under De Zerby and are looking to qualify for next season’s European competition.

Arsenal’s last offer was £60m, £30m below Brighton’s estimate, while Chelsea had made an earlier offer of £55m.

Arsenal’s current thinking is whether to make an offer of more than 70 million pounds. Thomas’ injury in the Gunners may affect how aggressive the team’s offer situation can be.

Another theory is that Caicedo’s approach has given Brighton a bigger reason to sell, although he is unlikely to protest once the winter window closes due to the impact on his own career.