The King’s Cup will face low-level league opponents, Real Madrid executives: the outside world has always had high expectations for Real Madrid.

December 25 Kings Cup 1ram 16 final draw results have been announced, Real Madrid will face a low-level league team Caserino. In this regard, Real Madrid senior Butragueno expressed his views.
In an interview with the club’s TV station, Butragueno said: “We will go away with endless respect and passion and we know that games like Caserano will be very difficult and intense.” A few years ago, there were two rounds in each round, and this round will be a single match, which will make the game more exciting. ”
“when Real Madrid play, you must have the right concentration because they represent countless fans and expectations from the outside world will be very high. Real Madrid are sure to show what they deserve. It’s a 90-minute game and I’m sure there will be passionate fans. We must understand the dangers of these competitions. ”
“in every game Real Madrid play, we want to win. That’s why we have to go all out to win the game and get into the next round. ”
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