The Korean Football Association refutes the rumors that the new coach “decides the Korean coach” and “wants to be patriotic” are ridiculous.

December 10 in response to the recent South Korean domestic media reports on the new national team coach, the Korean Football Association officials refuted the rumor.
The Korean Football Association refutes the rumor:
Recently, there has been blind speculation in some media about the selection of the coach of the national team, and the South Korean Football Association is deeply worried about this.
The absurd conditions of “being internally designated as a coach in South Korea”, “earning an annual salary of less than 1 billion won (about 5.33 million yuan)” and even “being patriotic” have also been mentioned by the media.
All in all, the above content is totally untrue. At present, the selection of coach for the South Korean team is only in the preparatory stage of discussion, and it is impossible to list detailed conditions, just like the process of selecting coach Paul Bento four years ago. at that time, there were numerous anonymous speculation reports, such as “relevant people familiar with the internal situation” or “football informed sources”, but most of the reports were not consistent with the actual results.
I hope that fans will refer to past examples and do not make an assertion about the selection of the head coach of the national team before the Korean Football Association holds a formal press conference.