The Paper: Shenhua has basically resolved the dispute with former coach Flores and the transfer ban is expected to be lifted

January 22 According to reports from The Paper, Shenhua Club has basically resolved the dispute with former coach Flores
Waiting for the contract disputes of former foreign staff, and local veterans such as Wu Xi, Yu Hanchao and Cao Yunding will continue to stay in the team.

It is understood that the wage arrears problem that plagued the team before has been basically resolved, and this will not affect Shenhua’s access to the 2023 season.
At the same time, the previous contract disputes with former foreign staff such as Flores have been basically resolved, so that the team is expected to allow FIFA to lift the transfer ban and regain the qualifications for signings in the winter window.

As far as the composition of local players is concerned, a group of veterans with high salaries in the past few seasons will leave in the 2023 season. This will undoubtedly play a positive role in the club’s financial situation and the deepening of the transition from old to new.
Of course, veterans including Wu Xi, Yu Hanchao and Cao Yunding who are capable and eager to continue playing for Shenhua will stay in the team without accident. Therefore, the composition of Shenhua’s lineup in the new season will be dominated by young people, supplemented by some veterans with combat effectiveness
, which is a relatively reasonable combination.

In order to improve their performance, Shenhua must also introduce high-quality foreign aid. After all, in the current Chinese Super League, foreign aid is still the core competitiveness.
Wu Jingui has stated in an interview before that the team will try its best to sign foreign aid that can improve combat effectiveness.
If the club can complete the shareholding reform as soon as possible, enter the signing stage in advance, and use up the foreign aid quota before the start of the league, the reasonable range of Shenhua’s performance in the new season should be to keep six and compete for three.