The parties involved in the referee consulting fee are not responsible for assigning referees, and Barcelona will probably not be punished

February 16 News Yesterday Ser Radio first revealed that the Spanish prosecutors were investigating Jose Mari Enriquez, the former vice chairman of the referee committee.
During the investigation by the father and son, it was discovered that the company DASNIL 95 under his name had financial relations with Barcelona. Barcelona paid DASNIL 95 a total of 1.4 million euros in “referee consulting fees” between 2016 and 2018.

At present, the biggest doubts about this consulting fee are:

First of all, Jose Mari Enriquez and his son are temporarily unable to provide a paper record of the “consultation content”, and Barcelona only stated that they communicated through video.

Secondly, as the vice-chairman of the referee committee at the time, he could get a maximum of 500,000 euros every year only by guiding the referees and penalties, and there was a serious premium problem.

However, as to whether Jose Mari Enriquez received the consulting fee and whether it affected Barcelona’s judgments in domestic competitions, the Spanish Football Association Referee Committee told the outside media that at least during his tenure as vice chairman, he was not in charge of assigning and assigning referees.
No direct impact.

According to this statement, there is a high probability that the Spanish Football Association will not punish Barcelona: because according to the regulations of the Spanish Football Association, if there is a problem that affects the penalty, the person concerned needs to face 2-5 years in prison.
Penalty points, to the cancellation of all relevant game results, and penalties for direct relegation.