the Portuguese Football Association insists on inviting Mourinho to coach the World Cup for 26 years, but has not given up.

According to a joint report by Portuguese media reporter Bernardo Ribeiro and Miguel Amaro, the president of the Portuguese Football Association Fernando Gomez appreciates Mourinho very much. In order to invite him to coach the Portuguese national team, the Portuguese Football Association is willing to wait until the end of the season, that is, next summer. Gomez is clear that he is preparing a contract for Mourinho until the 2026 World Cup.
In short, the goal has been set, but on the other hand, even if this is a contracted coach, the Portuguese Football Association will not move forward with the deal quickly. Mourinho’s contract with Roma expires in 2024 and it will not be easy to persuade Roma to release him in 2023.
One thing that supports the agreement is the good relationship between Gomez and Jose Mourinho, who have had a friendship at Porto for 20 years. Gomez was then president of Porto, so even if Mourinho then left Portugal, the relationship between the two sides would still be good.
By the way, Gomez was involved in the transfer of Paolo Ferreira and Ricardo Carvalho to Chelsea at the request of Jose Mourinho. In other words, the friendship between the two is like that between the FPF leader and Fernando Santos.
The problem of the new coach obviously involves the departure of the current coach, which will not be complicated. Fernando Santos says he will not resign, but admits his image has declined after eight years as head coach, and he admits it will be a good time to leave. For the Portuguese Football Association, any compensation is not a problem.