The Post rated 11 World Cup players as the worst: Cristiano Ronaldo was selected, Lautaro and Mandy were on the list.

December 20-the World Cup, which lasted nearly a month, has come to an end. Will 172 goals in 64 games bring you a visual feast after another? Are you impressed by the performance of stars from all over the world?
Some people are hot, others are bad, and the Daily Mail has selected the worst team of 11 in this World Cup based on its sofascore score.
The Post rated the worst matrix ↓
Goalkeeper: Mendi (6.3 points, Senegal)
Defenders: Durst (6.5, USA), Glick (6.63, Poland), Diallo (6.47, Senegal), Bereshensky (6.42, Poland)
Midfield: Leckie (6.28 points, Australia), Huang Renfan (6.53 points, South Korea), Jackson-Irving (6.5 points, Australia), Reuben Vargas (6.53 points, Switzerland)
Forwards: Ronaldo (6.46 points, Portugal), Lautaro (6.35 points, Argentina)