The Post talks about BIG6 Christmas gifts: Manchester City are eager to win the Champions League and Teng Hach has received gifts early.

Dec 25-the Daily Mail wrote about the Christmas present BIG6 wanted, saying that Manchester City were eager to win the Champions League and Teng Hach had received the Christmas gift of Cristiano Ronaldo.
Arsenal are determined to stay in the Premiership title race for as long as possible, although they know it has become a more difficult challenge because of Jesus’s injury. Arteta’s team is now five points ahead of Manchester City, the favourites, in the 14th round of the league. It’s still Christmas, it’s too early to talk about everything, there are still 24 games to play in the Premier League, Manchester City have a deep squad and Arsenal want a new striker or other player who will keep them in the title race.
Santa’s elves will receive a letter from Porter, who wants his team to stay healthy because Cantor, Reese James, Chilville and Broya have suffered injuries, but Porter’s wish list must also have a section on players’ state and offense. Porter wants to build a team that fully adapts to his system and proves his ability to succeed at Stamford Bridge, and the coach has come under intense criticism.
Liverpool have been fighting for the Premier League in three of the past four seasons and the Christmas gifts they want this season should be in the top four. Liverpool usually have higher expectations, but given their start and the injuries they have to deal with, qualifying for the Champions League is a reasonable goal.
Arsenal and Manchester City lead the table, and for Klop, the hope of winning the title is extremely unrealistic. Considering that they are out of the Carling Cup, the success of the FA Cup and the Champions League may also be their wish, but failing to make the top four would be disastrous for the club.
Manchester City
Although five points behind Arsenal, Manchester City will not think too much about the Premier League and Guardiola’s side are eager to win the Champions League. They have been eager to win the Champions League since Guardian took over in 2016. This team can become one of the greatest teams in England, but if they do not win the Champions League, can they really go down in history?
Manchester United
With the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, Teng Hach has received his Christmas present early. The talk of Manchester United throughout the season revolves around Cristiano Ronaldo, which is a huge distraction for Tenhaher, who is eager to build his own style at Old Trafford. Teng Hahe had to deal with Cristiano Ronaldo’s problems before, and now he will be able to focus on the task at hand without the interference of these problems.
A right-winger, in addition to the long wait for the title, most Tottenham fans want to bring in a right-winger to help Conti play in his favorite formation and system. Tottenham have two right-backs, Emerson and Doherty, but they may not meet Conti’s standards for right-wingers. Tottenham’s previous right-backs were Kyle Walker and Tripier, and although they have signed a lot of people since then, none of the players with similar abilities have met their requirements.