The quarter-finals of the 101st All Japan High School Football League are released: defending champion Aomori Yamada advances

January 2 News Today, the 101st All Japan High School Football League ended the third round of competition, and the defending champion
Champion Aomori Yamada eliminated Kunimi 5-3 in a penalty shootout to advance to the quarterfinals. Kamura Gakuen, who has joined Borussia’s Fukuda Shiwang, eliminated Niko Fujisawa and advanced. The two teams will play against each other in the fourth round.
The other teams that advanced to the quarter-finals are: Otsu, Higashiyama, Okayama Gakugeikan, Maebashi Ikuhide, Nippon Sports Daibashi and Sano Nichida.
The following is the third round of the match: Aomori Yamada 1-1 (penalty shootout 4-2) Kunimi Haruki Mihashi took the lead for Aomori Yamada in stoppage time in the first half, but Kunimi was given the lead by Tone Yuri in the 67th minute
Evening the score, Aomori Yamada won the penalty shootout 4-2 and advanced to the quarterfinals. In the next round, Aomori Yamada will directly confront another popular team, Kamura Gakuen; Kamura Gakuen 1-1 (penalty shootout 5-3)
In the first half, Nichida Fujisawa first scored with a header by the 198cm high center forward Mori Shigeyosuke, but only 4 minutes later, Okawa Sho equalized the score for Kamura Gakuen. In the penalty shootout, Kamura Gakuen won 5-3 and advanced to the next round.
Quarterfinals; Sano Hidai 1-1 (penalty shootout 5-4) In the 42nd minute, Masaru Aoki opened the scoring for Sano Hidai in the 42nd minute, but in the 60th minute, Luzhengsha equalized the score by midfielder Nagan Toya, and finally
The game was dragged into a penalty shootout, and finally Sano Nichida won 5-4 and advanced to the quarter-finals; Okayama Academy 0-0 (penalty shootout 5-3) National Academy Kuga Shandongshan 2-0 Takayama Academy
In 1 minute, Ishii Aji took the lead for Higashiyama. In the 51st minute, Sanada Renji expanded the lead for Higashiyama. In the end, Higashiyama defeated his opponent with two goals and advanced to the quarter-finals. Nippon Taibashi 1-0 Iizuka. In the 20th minute, he decided to join Kashiwa Taiyang
God’s mixed-race striker Ovie Williams scored a goal for Nippon Daibashi. With this goal, Nippon Daibashi defeated his opponent and advanced to the quarterfinals; Maebashi Ikuhide 2-1 Shohei Shohei joined Tokyo by default in the 3rd minute of the game
FC midfielder Yuta Arai scored a goal, but Ikuhide Maebashi reversed the score with goals from Sota Yamamoto and Ryujiro Aoyagi in the 13th and 50th minutes respectively. In the end, Ikuhide Maebashi defeated his opponent and advanced to the quarterfinals; Otsu 3
-0 Bunri Otsu of Japan scored goals in the 30th, 62nd and second half stoppage time of the game, respectively, and scored goals by Asano Rika, Kobayashi Toshiei and Iwasaki Daisho, and defeated their opponents by three goals to advance to the quarterfinals.