The red and black list of the World Cup: Argentina realized the dream of Qatar, the Red Devils of the chariot were stunned out.

In the winter of 2022, the top 32 gathered at the Qatar World Cup and decided the new king of the football world after a fierce battle of 64 games in 28 days. In this quadrennial football event, some people are happy and some are sad, some leave with their heads held high, and some are stunned out. The story of counterattack is full of inspirational color, and the script of the broken halberd makes people sigh. At the end of the World Cup, the author will take an inventory of the World Cup red and black list to see which teams are amazing and which are disappointing in Qatar.
[those disappointing teams]
Denmark: the top four of the European Cup, the group was out at the bottom.
As the semi-finals of last year’s European Cup, it was not a big surprise for Denmark to be out of the group of Tunisia and Australia. The entanglement of off-court factors seems to distract Denmark, the returning Sven-Goran Eriksson feels strange to his teammates, and the Vikings seem to be different from the team of unity in last year’s European Cup. In the first game, there was a goalless draw with Tunisia, followed by successive defeats to France and Australia, with Denmark coming out at the bottom of the group.
Germany: two consecutive group failures
Perhaps even the German team itself did not expect that they would be reversed by the Japanese team in the first game of the group stage, but the traditional giants paid the price for arrogance. At one point, they had the advantage of the scene, but they were slow to expand the score, but were defeated by the desperate backhand of the Blue Samurai. The 2-1 defeat to Japan made Germany’s situation take a sharp turn for the worse, and after the draw with Spain, they basically could only watch their opponents advance.
As a result, Japan beat Spain again in the final round, making Germany’s 4-2 victory over Costa Rica meaningless. Frick repeated the mistake of Loew, his use of the center is debatable, and the German chariot obstinate in passing control also seems to have lost its iron blood and efficiency. It is a pity to get out of the group with 4 points, but after saying goodbye to two consecutive World Cups early, it is time for German football to reflect on its football philosophy.
Belgium: the Golden Generation Group failed
“We can’t win the championship.” The interview before the start of the match by team leader de Braunet seems to have revealed the situation of the Reds in Europe. The team, which has long dominated the world for a long time, has completely lost its edge in Qatar. They narrowly beat Canada in a completely passive situation and then lost completely to Morocco’s “pure football”. In the last round of the life-and-death battle with Croatia, Lukaku did not enter with golden opportunities, ruining the last hope of the golden generation of Belgium.
From participating in the World Series for the first time in 2014 to the last dance in 2022, the golden generation of Belgium could not beat the years after all. With their paper strength, they should not have failed in the group, but this is the case with football. if you can’t fight with the right tactics and enough cohesion, even if you are ranked second in the world, you can only be out in a regrettable way.
Uruguay: Shenfeng bid farewell to Qatar in tears
What is the most impressive scene of Uruguay in this World Cup? Cavani knocked down VAR angrily and Suarez burst into tears on the bench. As a strong South American team that has reached the knockout stages of three consecutive World Cups, the Sky Blue Legion did not find offensive firepower until the final round. In the end, they were out of the group, they could complain about the miscalculation of the penalty against Portugal, and they could be dissatisfied with the penalty that was not given by the referee in the life-and-death battle, but the real reason for the failure was their own ineffective attack. Nunez failed to take the lead, and the Uruguayans would not have pushed themselves to the edge of the cliff if they had broken through the gates of the South Korean team in the first round.
Spain: obstinate and invalid pass and control, and finally become the miracle background board of the dark horse.
Spain, which broke through from the group of death, was no better than Germany. They were also reversed by Japan in the group stage and became a typical example of this World Cup. In the first game of Costa Rica, the matador’s seven-ball slaughter was gorgeous, which also gave people the illusion of a revival of control. In the following games, Enrique’s team became obsessed with “invalid pass control” and played a high rate of possession, only to hypnotize themselves in the end. It is not surprising that such a performance was eliminated by Morocco on penalties. Spanish football, which has stopped in the last 16 for two consecutive terms, may be time for a brave self-innovation.
Brazil: the frustrated Journey of geniuses
Why is it still disappointing when Brazil enters the quarterfinals? Because with the strength of their lineup, they were supposed to go for the championship, but it was their own fault to fall at the feet of Croatia. Risalisone’s stunning flying in the air against Serbia and the dance of the samba stars in the face of South Korea, one can feel the brilliance of Brazilian geniuses, but even if they are talented, football will also encounter problems in the face of a system that combines tactics and will perfectly.
The 1GPU4 final between Brazil and Croatia looked like a personal performance by Livakovic, but it actually exposed the problem of Brazil’s ability to seize the opportunity. Neymar once took the lead for five-star Brazil, but the Samba geniuses had to put a lot of pressure on the good situation. as a result, the plaid army counterattacked, seized the only chance of the game, and dragged the game into a penalty shootout. Brazilian players always become talented but lose to the whole, and they have to wait another four years for the six-star dream.
[those teams that perform amazingly]
Saudi Arabia: the bottom of the group does not hinder winning respect
Even if there is only a 2-1 reversal of Argentina, Saudi Arabia will be enough to win the World Cup in Qatar. When the world is not optimistic, the West Asian Green Eagle seized the only two opportunities to knock on the gate of the Pampas Eagles and created a surprise in the history of the World Cup with concerted defense. In this World Cup, Saudi Arabia removed the label of “tragic team” in the past and played a fighting football.
In the second game of Poland, Saudi Arabia once took the initiative, but a penalty that changed the situation was saved by Szczesny, which was finally lost. Although Saudi Arabia was out at the bottom of the group as expected after the 1-2 defeat to Mexico in the final round, their interpretation of the following legends will still be celebrated many years later.
Australia: unexpected promotion, causing trouble for the champion
In Australia’s Group D, it was thought that France and Denmark would qualify together, but the Kangaroo Legion decided to be the spoiler. After the retirement of the legendary stars, the stars of today’s Australian team are dim, and the team’s strength can be reflected by the group’s 1-4 defeat to France in the first round. As a result, in the following games, the kangaroo team became more and more brave, beating Tunisia and Denmark 1-0 with tenacious defense and efficient attack, and returned to the last 16 after 16 years.
1Accord 8 final against the strong Argentina, once two goals behind the Australian team also kicked an elegant demeanor, they not only pulled back a goal, the final stage also made the defense of the Pampas Eagles jittery, creating a perfect opportunity. Although respected by South American giants as most expected, the Kangaroo Legion, which fought to the end, had reason to leave with its head held high.
Japanese team: the group of death breaks through, showing the ceiling of Asian football
The dream of being ridiculed makes sense to be realized, and Japan’s goal for this World Cup is as clear as its vision of winning the World Cup in 2050-to reach the last eight of the World Cup. Before the game, most people were not optimistic that Japan could break through the group of death, but they beat two former world champions, Germany and Spain, to become the brightest “Asian light” in Qatar.
Tang Anlu, Asano Tumo, Miyake Kaoru. The emergence of foreign stars from the Japanese team is enviable, and they have shown great self-confidence in front of the European powers, even playing back and forth with Croatia, which finally won the third runner-up, and did not regret being out until the penalty shootout. Although they failed to achieve their goal of reaching the top eight of the World Cup, the Blue Samurai have proved that they have the strength of the last eight of the World Cup, and their shocking performance proves that yellow people can also play football well.
Morocco: pure football makes history
“I have been to Morocco and the football there is pure.” During the World Cup in Qatar, Xu Yang’s classic words were repeatedly mentioned, and the Moroccan team, which was playing sexy football, continued to work miracles. The team, which has only a few famous stars such as Qiyeh and Ashraff, changed coach less than three months before the game, and most of the players are descendants of immigrants, beating Belgium, Spain and Portugal all the way to become the biggest dark horse of this World Cup.
Amazed by fans, Morocco made breakthroughs that Cameroon in 1990, Senegal in 2002 and Ghana in 2010, becoming the first African team to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup. What is even more amazing is that the Atlas Lions’ indestructible defense and cross-cutting cooperation in the counter-attack, they have the ability to play back and forth with the defending champion French team, such a “small potato” is worthy of admiration.
Croatia: rhapsody continues to play
Modric are four years old again. Can Croatia still do it? The “Fire Generation” gives the answer, passing on their will to future generations, performing Rhapsody in Qatar as shocking as that of Russia. As the team with the 11th odds before the start of the game, it has been a great success for the Lattice to be the third runner-up, and their elimination of Brazil on penalties in the first quarter final is a perfect manifestation of resilient football. The final dance of the magic flute is still melodious, perhaps as the legendary midfielder said: “people should regard Croatia as the top team.”
Argentina: Samsung was crowned after 36 years
Is there a more perfect World Cup ending for Argentine football than crowning Samsung at the Russell Stadium? They were stunned by Saudi Arabia in the first round of the group stage, and 36 unbeaten games in all competitions came to an abrupt end, and they were instantly pulled off the altar. They were unable to break the deadlock in the face of Mexico, and it was Messi who came down like a savior to pull the team back from the edge of the cliff. In the face of adversity, Scaroni boldly uses young people, and the power of youth rewards this trust.
There is no doubt that this is a World Cup belonging to Lionel Messi. The king of Argentina played seven goals and three assists to pay tribute to Maradona’s five goals and five assists in 1986, while beside Messi, there are Alvarez, McAllister and Enzo’s rise. This may not be the most dazzling Argentine team in history, but it is the most United Pampas eagle in history, so they cross the doubt. Held up the Hercules Cup in an inspirational way, and ushered in the coronation ceremony of the King of the Ball.
The charm of football originally lies not only in the competition itself, but also because of those spiritual connotations cast its more moving side, the quadrennial World Cup, is every team, everyone’s dream stage, some people dream disillusioned, some people go straight to the other side of the ideal. The World Cup in Qatar is over. What are the red and black teams in your mind?
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