The referee for the 17th round of Serie A arranged for Massa to call off Milan vs Roma, and Irati served as the VAR referee

January 6th, the official website of Serie A announced the referee arrangement for the next round of the league. The specific situation
as follows:

Fiorentina vs Sassuolo

Referee: Manganiello

Lines referees: Preti, Bachin

Fourth referee: Rutra

VAR referee: Doviri

VAR Assistant: Muto

Juventus vs Udinese

Referee: Marchetti

Lines referees: Vivenge, Rossi

Fourth referee: Volpi

VAR referee: Rapena

VAR Assistant: Dionissi

Monza vs Inter Milan

Referee: Saki

Lines referees: Botgoni, Chipresa

Fourth referee: Massimi

VAR referee: Mazzoleni

VAR assistant: Di Martino

Salernitana vs Torino

Referee: Colombo

Lines referees: Bresmes, Yoshikawa

The fourth referee: Zhu Ya

VAR referee: Marini

VAR assistant: Paganesi

Lazio vs Empoli

Referee: Pezzuto

Linesman: Palermo, Cuthole

Fourth referee: Blondella

VAR referee: NASCAR

VAR Assistant: Fabry

Spezia vs Lecce

Referee: Qi Fei

Lines referees: Berti, Torff

Fourth referee: Gualtieri

VAR referee: Guida

VAR Assistant: Furnau

Sampdoria vs Napoli

Referee: Abiso

Lines referees: Berchli, Cecconi

Fourth referee: Marinelli

VAR referee: Valery

VAR Assistant: Longo

AC Milan vs Roma

Referee: Massa

Lines referees: Chichero, Iorio

Fourth referee: Aureliano

VAR referee: Irati

VAR assistant: Pizzinini

Verona vs Cremona

Referee: Mariani

Lines referees: Colarosi, Mertal

Fourth Referee: Corso

VAR referee: Di Paulo

VAR assistant: Abattista

Bologna vs Atalanta

Referee: Di Bello

Lines referees: Capaldo, Rossi

Fourth referee: Perenzoni

VAR referee: Banti

VAR Assistant: Pareto

(Real Steel)