The relationship between Portuguese media Ronaldo and Mendes is tense, and it was another agent Regev who helped him complete the transfer

January 4, according to Slow, citing "Ball News", C
The relationship between Luo and Mendes was tense, and it was another agent Regev who helped him transfer to Riyadh Victory this time.

According to reports, after joining Victory in Riyadh, the relationship between Ronaldo and Mendes has become very tense.
The deal was done by another agent, Ricardo Regev, for Ronaldo, for which he received a commission of 30 million euros.

At that time, Ronaldo wanted to decide his own future. After leaving Manchester United, he decided not to mediate through Mendes, but to do all the work himself.
Regev, a friend and right-hand man of Ronaldo, has played an increasingly important role behind the scenes in Ronaldo’s successful negotiations with Riyadh.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Regev met in 2003, when Regev, as the marketing manager of Nike, signed a sponsorship agreement with Ronaldo worth more than 16 million euros per year. Since then, the two have become very good.
Regev has become a reliable person for Ronaldo.
And joining Riyadh Victory this time, most of Ronaldo’s salary is related to business partnerships.

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